My Top 10 TV boyfriends June 2011
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Another TV season goes by and another list of potential boyfriends.  There is quite the list of new comers this year and across a wide spectrum of genres.  It was a hard choice but here is my list from 10 to the big winner!  Needless to say I would settle for any of the 10 listed below.

10.  Gloria  - Modern Family
still not technically a boy but WOWSER especially in the cross over purple top

Pros: she's hot hot hot, a sure fire in with any Columbian drug cartel,

Cons:not technically a boy, kind of married, a bit crazy

9.  Varro - Stargate Universe
He's not a thug Richard

Pros: one of the few who looks hot in leather pants, was bad turned good all for the love of a blond...I’m a blond

Cons: did belong to a group of thugs who tried to invade earth, also in stasis for the next 3 years

8.  Gannicus  - Sparticus - Gods of the Arena

Pros:  totally fit, the hero of Capua, handy with a sword, pretty sure to defend your honour
Cons: has a really dangerous job, probably has syphillus from all the whores,not sure how often he washed,

7.  Everett Young – Stargate Universe

Pros: totally sexy voice, in charge of an enormous spaceship travelling through the universe

Cons: in charge of an enormous spaceship travelling through the universe, got fellow soldier up the duff and has acted weird about it every since.  On the other side of the universe and now in stasis for 3 years

6.  Jorah – Game of Thrones

Pros:  looks totally fit in his armour, very dedicated and loyal, looks totally fit in his armour

Cons: outcast from his homeland, kind of a servant to a horse lord, in love with the daughter of a dragon who is much more lovely than I

5.  Coach – Friday Night Lights

Pros:  can tell a story with his eyes (TB would be so proud), quite sexy in a football coach kind of way,

Cons: married to Tammy who is totally awesome, lives in Texas, was a bit selfish to Tammy in season 5

4. Peter – Fringe

Pros: he’s adorable and have loved him since his days as Pacey, very smart, very loving as lives with his drug addled father

Cons:  totally dropped the ball when he didn’t realise he was shagging the alternative Olivia –DUH, has also disappeared  -WTF?

3. Jon Snow – Game of Thrones

Pros: he is totally handsome, handy with his sword, owns a totally cute/killer dog, looks great with a fur collar esp when riding a horse

Cons: bastard son, is stuck on the Wall and can’t have sex EVER (what is that all about?), no real future that doesn’t involve suffering and hardship...and winter coats

2.  Rob Stark – Game of Thrones

Pros:  came out of nowhere and would have been my number 1 but Richard saw him first, adorable sexy curls, king of the North, very determined/noble

Cons: high risk of death, leading an army to kill off the biggest army in all of ‘???? Throneland???, probably too busy for a booty call

1.  Raylan  - Justified

Fav line:  other cop ‘ you got to shot at your own daddy’  Rayland ‘ it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be’

Pros: whats not a pro?  Sexy, hardnosed, good with a gun, is really Timothy Olyphant, his totally hot,

Cons: has had dubious taste in women in the past, always has someone trying to kill him, doesn’t say much

My Top Ten TV Boyfriends Dec 2010
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Well, I have to say that although I am loving most of the TV I have been watching there hasn't been much boyfriend material going.  I feel that I am having to 'make do' but here goes

Starting from number the bottom

10.  Gloria - Modern Family

Pros - have you seen her figure?  She is GORGEOUS and totally lust-tastic, knows how to use a gun

Cons - not a boy, doesn't seem to have a job, knows how to use a gun

9.  Crackers/Spartypants

Pros -  very noble and would do anything for their 'love',  totally and completely fit, look good even when sweaty and covered in sand

Cons - lived in something BC, have dangerous jobs, Poor Andy has cancer and won't be back for season 2, Crackers was in my bad books until the final 2 eps of season 1. 

8.  Don Draper - Mad Men

Pros - suave, sophisticated, must be good in the sack based the number of affairs he has had

Cons - has bratty kids, always screwing around, drinks and smokes way too much so life expectancy is cut in half

7. Agent Carter  - Eureka

Pros - super cute, looks hot whilst having 'ground hog day' experience in shower, lives in town full of super cool gadgets

Cons - pron to mooning over love interest, has turned super boring in this new season

6.  Jack Donaghy - 30 Rock

Pros - I LOVE Jack, he is hilarious and 40 day habit voice - lovin' it

Cons - is a bit OCD about microwaves and ovens, slightly neurotic about ex-wife

5.  Varro - Lucian Allicance - SGU

Pros - have you seen his body...need I say more?  well his voice...drips sex with every word

Cons - he is technically the enemy, currently stuck on ship 4,00000000000000 light years away,

4.   Everett Young - SGU

Pros - his it., his bed rumpled hair

Cons - quite messed up with divorce, lost illegitimate baby, had to kill colleague, constantly averting danger.

3.  Peter/Pacey - Fringe

Pros - as cute as a button, super smart

Cons - must be super dunce if he hasn't noticed he has been shagging the WRONG Olivia - come on its SOO OBVIOUS

2.  Castle - Castle

Pros - loaded, funny, totally cute, use to be Mal my long time favourite T10TVboyfie

Cons - not as good as Mal/Firefly, still lives with his Mom

1.  *Back at the Top*- Coach - Friday Night Lights

Pros - I love the Coach..more said with one twitch of his eyebrow than most say in 100 words.

Cons - he lets his snarky daughter be quite mean to him ...but otherwise perfect. 

Over to you Richard!

Never Tempt Danger Book Blog Tour
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Hey, reading a really great book  - Never Tempt Danger

Check out the characters Gilly and Lucas

1)      Favorite color?

Lucas – green because of Gilly’s eyes           

Gilly – Green because of her eyes and the old green Mustang car that Lucas had given her as a gift that matches her eyes.

 2) Favorite Book?

Lucas – “Stone Cold” by David Baldacci

Gilly – “Naked in Death” by JD Robb

3) Favorite Author?

Lucas –David Baldacci

Gilly –JD Robb

 4) Languages Spoken?

Lucas – English

Gilly – English and Gaelic

 5) First Job?

Lucas – CIA

Gilly – Working in an automobile repair shop fixing old cars

 6) Current Job?

Lucas - Special Agent for an untitled government agency

Gilly - Special Agent for an untitled government agency as well as a robotics specialist subcontractor who builds robots for DARPA (a government research agency)

 7) Birthplace?

Lucas – born in New Hampshire

Gillt – born in Vermont

 8) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Lucas – Anywhere that Gilly lived.

Gilly – Anywhere in New England as long as it was within driving distance to her grandfather

 9) Best Vacation?

Gilly & Lucas – Their honeymoon in Ireland

 10) Hobbies?

Lucas and Gilly – Restoring antique muscle cars

11) Favorite Movie? 

Gilly & Lucas – Bruce Lee’s movie “Game of Death”

 12) Favorite type of Food?

Gilly – Brick oven pizza

Lucas – Anything he can cook on the grill

 13) Favorite Place to Eat?

Gilly & Lucas – Her grandfather’s Irish pub named after Gilly

 14) How do you take your steak?

Lucas - Medium

Gilly – Medium-well

 15) Bad Habits?

Gilly – Walks around the house naked. (With the curtains open)

Lucas – Leaves the toilet seat up.

 16) One thing you can't live without?

Lucas – can’t live without Gilly

Gilly – can’t live without brick oven pizza, ice cream, and Lucas

 17) Nicknames/Alias?  

Gilly’s real name is Maureen. Her nickname is Gilly due to her last name being Gillman.

 18) Philosophy on life?

Gilly & Lucas – Life is too short. Live it and take care of the others around you when you do.

 19) Best Advice you were ever given?

Gilly – from her grandfather “Accept who you are, don’t run from it. You have a gift.”

Lucas – from Gilly’s grandfather “Listen with your heart, not your mind.”

Check out the giveway.

Tense Fiction
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I have been ploughing through books recently.  Between TV, knitting, TV, reading, Twitter, reading, TV, Twitter.....I have been on my blog much...well if at all.  Totally bum spank of me considering its high time I got to my TV boyfriend list up to date....another day.

I have had a number of great recommendations recently via Twitter and going to be part of a blog book tour  - totally cool and super excited. 

So still reading fantasy and some of it has been fantasytastic.  So completely tense that I have created my own new genre - Tense Fiction.   Tense fiction are those books that get your stomach in such a twist you almost have a stomach ache...the ones that you have to read while walking down the road to finish a chapter, the books you have to re and re-read the ending to savour every word.  

So my new fav fantasy authors are

Carolyn Crane - who not only writes some kick ass fantasy but is SOOOOOO NICE and is even following me on Twitter.  I could freak.  It is exciting.  

Vicki Petterson - a Carolyn recommendation.  Not afraid to have some truly terrible things happen to her hero/heroines.

Well...Patricia Briggs isn't new to me but she has just re-released her first two books (well I think first and third  - but series).  I LOVED them.  I can't believe they weren't popular the first around.

Finally, the tensest of all Tense Fiction writers - Suzanne Collins with the Hunger Games series.  I LOVE LOVE LOVED them.  Such fantastic series.  I can't believe no one told me about them before.  I was completely blubsome at the end of each book and esp the final one.  I loved the series as much as I loved Tigana and the Saratime Mosaic (although saying that I didn't like the 1st book of the Saratine Mosaic as much as the 2nd...b/c of its grizzliness)

Now what am I going to read? 


Long Live Sparta
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Hot off of watching Spartacus I am now watching 300  (well not that hot as the movie is 4 years old).   Gerard has QUITE the 6 pack although not as hotastic as Andy aka Spartacock.  I was totally surprised to see Dominic West in it.  He must have been in the thralls of the Wire when he was fliming this.  I TOTALLY spotted Faramir from LOTR.  Am I good or what?   Also totally recognised Dacktari.  AM I good or what?  Where was Persia again though?

Started watching the new season of Glee.  It is not too bad although too much singing in this episode.  It is more like an album than a musical/theatre.  John Stamos is in it.  He is TOTALLY HOT.  way hotter than when he is was in his supposed prime

I am practically peeing my pants about my upcoming week in TV. I am SOOO EXCITED!!!!  Tuesday night is not only the season premier of Minge BUT also SG Universe.  I can hardly wait.  Then there is new 2 1/2 Men (D is more excited than I am) but also new TV on Thursday with Nikita.  Sitll can't decided whether it i sworthy of my high brown viewing.  

Don't even think of talking to me on Tuesday.  I will be BESIDE myself

Oh what a lovely
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tvted I mean day.....what a beautiful Saturday and I actually accomplished a few things.

Stuck watching Frasier re-runs again...which isn't new but come on we only just watched this same one during the week.

I have decided I love that Don Draper is back in my life.  Wouldn't want to be married to him, date him, work with him or be any way associated with him.

Trying to programme my sky frigging hard does it have to be and why the frig doesn't it ever work!  now I have to phone them up again...for F*CK SAKE!!!!!

I have been well boring lately...just watching TV and weaving my Mom's b/day present.  Gotta get it finished ugh...


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What an EXCELLENT season finale.  It was a total blood bath.  ....I can HARDLY wait for season 2. 

I sure hope that all  my favourite hunks are still in it...especially now that I have forgiven Crackers for being mean to Sparty.  

I think though I would have stolen a few robes before leaving the ludis.   That loin cloth isn't going to be very warm on the road to Rome.

Its been a long time
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yep....haven't been on here for a long time well since I got into Twitter anyway.  I never thought I would get into being brief and restricted on what I wanted to say.  I have categorically decided not to do anything work related it if at all poss...that is just too wankational.

Feeling quite fragile today after Patrick's b/day partay.  Who'd have thunked that mixing your drinks would make you feel so snarfy snarf. 

I am looking forward to watching the final episode of Spartaporn of Tits and C*ck.  HEE HEEE  Richard is soooo funny.  I am worried about Crackers though.  

I wonder when I am going to win the lottery so that I can stay at home all day and cuddle kittens?  

I love you Twizzler
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What candy is more perfect that a strawberry twizzler?  Or is it because I have to wait until someone comes back from the US or Canada before I can have them?  I have been very glutinous this week at work with cakes, cookies and donuts coming out of our ears...and now twizzlers....hmmmmm

I wonder if my all day headache is down to the fact I have been such a piggy...or maybe I will blame it on all the salad I have eaten for lunch.

I CAN'T believe the social butterflyness I am going to be upto this week.  Drinks tonight for a b/day, Richard arriving tomorrow so lunch with him and Patrick and then Pet over Sunday.  I am going to be pooped on Monday for sure.  I think I will pencil in a bad mood in my diary.  I am sure it won't be hard to carry out on that. 

I am getting a bit down at how the evenings are drawing in (what does that mean anyway?)  I am having to put the lights on by 8.  Its also starting to be freezational in the morning and my summer attire is going to be going back in the closet soon.  I want warm weather...where is this global warming anyway?

Hmmmm think its a) time to go back to work b) time to eat another twizzler c) procrastinate a bit more d) all of the above?

Waste not want not
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I have decided after watching TV se04 ep 3-6 that vamps are pretty wasteful when it comes to their dining habits.  If munching down a few humans is considered a social 'no no' then why is it when they do get 'snacktastic' that they always end up with blood all over their faces, clothes and in most cases it all get spilt all over the upholstery?  The amount of Stainaway that they have to use on their laundry must be costly to the point of being prohibitative. 

In comparison when I am about to dive into a delicious bowl of Ben and Jerry's with chocolate sauce do I end up with half of it all over my front (I may get a few spoonfuls but not the same thing)?  And Richard you better not be making any comparisons!!!


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